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Shri. Jawaharlal Darda

Date of Birth & Place: 2 July 1923, Babhulgon
Other Name: Babuji
Brief Profile: Mr. Darda was a freedom fighters, he started the freedom struggle in 1940 by taking part in the Individual Satyagraha Movement initiated by Mahatma Gandhi. He led the foot march of about 400 miles. In 1942 he took part in the "Quit India Movement" for which he was imprisoned for a period of one year and nine months. When he was in Jabalpur jail, he arranged a meet of Satyagrahis. He started the handwritten "Sinha Garjana" so that the knowledge of Satyagraha reaches to all people. In 1944 he established the Azad Hind Sena's Yeotmal branch. In 1945, he started the "Young Man Association" with his friends. In 1947, he started a weekly called "Nave Jag". And later in 1952, he restarted "Lokmat" weekly in Yeotmal. He nurtured a special love for Yeotmal.
Passed away on 25 November 1997
Loknayak Bapuji Anne

Date of Birth & Place: 29 August 1880, Wani
Other Name: Chota Tilak
Brief Profile: He shifted to Yeotmal in 1907. The rules formed by British Government on forest were against the people, to protest it he started the Jungle Satygraha with peasants, farmers, and labourers. He established the Warrior Group of District. 312 Satyagrahi were imprisoned following the success of Satyagraha, He bestowed the title "Loknayak" by people. In 1941 Loknayak Aney joined the council of Viceroy. From the year 1943 to 1947 he was appointed as the High Commissioner of Sri Lanka. Jawaharlal Nehru wanted him to be among the members who drafted the constitution but later he was appointed as the Governor of Bihar. After independence, he started his struggle for "MahaVidarbha".
Dr. Madhusudhan Kane

Date of Birth & Place: 16 July 1923, Yeotmal
Other Name: Masiha
Brief Profile: He went to Banaras for studies. There he earned the Degree of "Ayurvedacharya in Modern Medicine & Surgery". In 1947 he started practice in Yeotmal. He took affordable fees from his patients and never asked for more money. He always prescribed very inexpensive but effective medicines. And gave money to underprivileged patients who couldn't afford to buy medicines. In 2002 he wrote his autobiography "Gangajaldhara".
Passed away on 5th August 2009
Shri. Vijaybabu Darda

Date of Birth & Place: 14 May 1950, Babulgaon
Brief Profile: Mr. Darda is the chief visionary at Lokmat spearheading its growth over the last 35 years. Under his leadership, Lokmat has emerged as one of the leading media companies in India. His strategic vision, determination and decision-making abilities helped Lokmat rise from a small paper to the No.1 Marathi newspaper in the state.

Not limiting his sphere of activities to business, Mr. Darda has been actively involved in political, social and educational fields. He is currently a Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha (upper house), having been elected in 1998 for a period of six years and re-elected in 2004 for a second term from the Congress party.

Click here for his detailed profile
Shri. Uttamdada Patil

Date of Birth & Place: 25 December 1944, Loni
Other Name: Dada
Brief Profile: 6 times elected Lok Sabha member don't need any introduction. He had got opportunity to work under late Prime Ministers Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi, and under the leadership of Congress President Sonia Gandhi. He has capabilities to turn the flow of air during the election. Mr. Patil suffered his first-ever defeat in Lok Sabha polls in 2004 when BJP's Haribhau Rathod trounced him.

Click here for his detailed profile
Shri. Jambuwantrao Dhote

Date of Birth & Place:
Other Name: Bhau and Lion of Vidharbha
Brief Profile: Jambuwantrao Dhote is also called as Lion of Vidharbha. He is Member of Parliament from Nagpur (Lok Sabha constituency) in 1971 to 5th Lok Sabha. He was again elected for second time from Nagpur in 1980 to 7th Lok Sabha. He founded Vidharbha Janta Congress (VJC) Party on 9 September 2002. He was also 5 times MLA of Maharashtra Assembly elections. He was elected from Yavatmal in 1962 and 1967 elections, 1978 elections. He is the true leader of people. He is son-in-law of veteran Congress leader late Ramrao Adik.

There are many other names from yavatmal, who are making us proud like Naik Family from Pusad, Dr. T C Rathod, Dr. Satish Fadke, Nandurkar Family, Adv. Oswal, Prof. Sangle and so on


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